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tv   Today  NBC  March 22, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> how about that? >> hey, everybody. sometimes we're surprise we get on the air. it is try day friday, march 21st. we're so glad you're with us today. hope you're going to have an awesome weekend coming up. >> we have a very handsome gentleman on the show. >> people are -- twitter. >> we don't mean -- >> theo james is here, from the highly anticipated film called "divergent," in line with all the other kinds of films the kids are crazy about. >> based on a trilogy of books that the teens find and it is
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all over. >> you know what i found out about this guy? do you watch "downton abbey". >> i remember him from that scene. >> lady mary was -- >> you can say. >> boinking that guy. he was the -- >> theo. >> it was so exciting. i'm, like, that's the guy. >> lady mary killed him. >> we can't wait to see him. >> good-bye. >> our real moms will give their real reviews of the big movie coming up this weekend. we'll speak with theo. and we have the season's very best bags for every occasion, but enough about us. >> today is national bubble week. it is a very important weekend. it is a whole national bubble weekend. >> this is what's wrong in a nut shell about our country. we should have started out with national bubble week. but we wait until the end when you can't get any bubbles anymore. >> try yours. try yours. okay. >> you keep doing it. >> don't get it in the wine. protect the wine. just hold it down.
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oh! >> save the peanut butter. >> and the wine. >> oh, my god. see how much fun this could have been all week long, but no, we start it on a try day friday when it should have been on monday. how long are we supposed to do this? >> that's good. remember -- three, two, one. >> all right. >> remember when we used to do it old school, like that? >> i never was -- that's pretty darn good. >> you know they -- bubbles are not new. they were -- they're back -- there is -- the world's record is 181 people -- >> inside a bubble. >> they set the guinness world record. >> look at this. that is a real -- that is not an optical illusion. that is a real bubble. >> all the people were standing there. >> looks like there is room for more. >> have you been in the kids museums where they dunk the thing, the big ring around the kid and pull it up like a bubble
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all around them? that's fascinating. >> well, we have a -- did you know they have bubbles go back to like the 1700s or something like that? we have a -- yeah, one of the earliest kids toys. we have a picture. where is the picture? >> we don't have a picture. it is from the 1700s. >> they had an image of it. >> where is it? i don't think there was a -- >> i don't care. i never cared about national bubble week to begin with. >> broken. okay, so, if you were wondering what the ideal day is for your man, you're about to -- >> don't drag me into it. >> don't make your plans for the weekend because unilever deodorant surveyed all these men. this is what they want to do in their perfect day. >> remember we have a child here. >> plug her ears. they would like to spend more than four hours having s-e-x. sex. >> yes. >> four hours. >> that's ridiculous. >> you show me one other than
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sting with the tantric thing. then three and a half hours working because they have to save their energy. >> and three hours with friends and family. the rest they would spend eating, drinking and sleeping. there's not -- >> they revealed something else. almost three-quarters confessed to using their phones or tablets while they were perched on the toilet. >> and that's one of the reasons i don't want to have sex with them. among many others. okay. i just think -- i think that's really insulting to most men, except for a couple in the room. jerry, are you insulted by that? >> very. >> let's stop the male bashing. >> we're not bashing. we're saying what the survey said from unilever. okay. the deodorant guys. this is a great -- this is a social cues question.
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comes from the new york times. here is the question, is it okay to point out to a good friend, a physical flaw and recommend plastic surgery? there was this woman, she says there is a man in her office and she thinks his only obstacle for meeting women is that he doesn't have a good nose. and she wanted to politely figure out if there was a way to say to him, hey, you would benefit from a nose job, why don't you go get one? >> that's just an incredible question to begin with. it is one thing if somebody says do you think i should have my nose done? if he they suggest it, and honestly, want your opinion. and then you could say, i don't know, why? does it bother you? get a little dialogue. i think it might keep me from getting chicks. let's go through a magazine and find the nose you want and let's go get it. >> make a way. >> he says minor surgery may change his life, and you're making such a forward
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observation may change your relationship. keep your thoughts about his features to yourself or bye-bye friendship. >> i don't like when people criticize me, how i look and stuff. >> hardly anybody ever does. >> people think they can. they're, like, my god, turn around or -- i just get very self-conscious and i think usually i'll ask and i think all my life, like, my mom, no matter what i wore, how heavy i was or anything, she's, like, you look great, i love this shirt. it was like untucked and i looked unkept, but, you know, you don't think about it. when someone does, it is jarring. i can't ever imagine saying to someone -- even about an outfit someone is wearing. if they like it and they feel good in it, why am i saying, you know, something else. >> words hurt. i tried to tell you. all righty, you know the frozen thing has taken off. let it go. >> our facebook fan, erica weginka from texas, she's driving, she caught her daughters, 3-year-old amelia and 2-year-old eloise singing the song that everyone likes "let it
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go." take a look. ♪ ♪ let it go let it go ♪ can't hold it back anymore ♪ let it go let it go ♪ turn away i don't care >> so cute. >> oh, my god. >> you know what i like about that movie so much, there is no prince charming at the end. i don't -- i don't like male bashing, but i also don't like, in all of media for the answer to every girl's dream be some guy that comes in on -- >> rescues them. you're right. >> then real life happens and you wake up and he might have
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bad breath and, you know, athlete's feet but you learn to love the guy and stay with him anyway. okay. >> we're very happy today. we have a winner with us today. she won the jif peanut butter contest. miss leah toomey. >> congratulations. >> jerry is going to bring a chair for you. how old are you? >> i'm 12. >> you're 12 years old. do you know that song "let it go". >> yeah. >> do you love the movie? >> yeah. >> so many kids come up with their own concoction or special sandwich, tell us about yours. >> it is called the crunchy creamy dreamy finger sandwich. >> okay. what's in it? >> it has peanut butter -- >> jif, right? >> yes. melted chocolate, lady fingers, but soft lady fingers, right? our craft people today tried to make it, there is no such thing as finding a soft -- what do they call them -- >> lady finger here in new york. >> you had to bake it or buy it in the store.
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>> we bought it. >> where are you from? >> allentown. >> you can get them there, but apparently not in the great -- how did you come up with this? is this the flavors you like? >> yes. we had to use jif so we found things that go well with peanut butter too. >> and extra peanuts on the top, right? >> they're pretzels. >> aren't you clever. so delicious. >> are we allowed to try it? >> yes. what else? >> cream. >> there's cream in there? oh, i'll lick off the top. >> you got a college scholarship, right? >> yes. >> $25,000. >> congratulations. want to see our friday funny. we're ready. okay, laugh. watch the magic happen. a young nervous lawyer was hired at an established and well known law firm. he was getting settled when he noticed a man walking toward his door.
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wishing to appear busy and important, he picked up the phone and started to have a loud conversation with the pretend client, that's right, that's right, we're going to court about it, that's right. went on and on and on. he gestured for the man to come in as he was throwing around big financial numbers, yeah, yeah, yeah. and wrapped up the fake conversation. finally, believing he had proved to the man he was a serious and forceful lawyer, he hung up and asked a visitor, can i help you? the man said, sure. i've come to install your phone. >> that's good. >> you know what -- >> would you like to help us with the baby's johnson -- >> are you a potential news reader, talk show host or a chef. >> the lady is scaring me. >> here we go. time for our johnson's baby announcements, we celebrate new moms and the adorable new additions to their families. the first johnson baby of the week is dylan george carrasco,
2:18 am
born in tucson, arizona, on february 18th. mom says her 2-year-old took too her new baby brother right away. she loves to hug him and thinks he's her baby. >> yes. now to caitlin rogene hanson. when was she born? >> 15 years before they finally got -- >> no, she was born on february 12th, i think. where? in houston, texas. >> yes. >> her parents tried for 15 years before they finally got pregnant and offered this advice. if you're struggling with infertility, don't give up, god answers prayers and miracles still happen. they sure do. >> our next baby of the week is wesley james provencher born in utah on february 25th. his mom says her son is a big eater who is already growing strong and tall. >> and our final johnson's baby of the week is evan jared gibson, born at the darnell army hospital in texas on february 5th. this little guy's dad is a sergeant in the first cavalry division stationed at ft. hood.
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mom says her son loves to smile. congratulations to all our babies. >> if you want to submit your baby to be a johnson's baby of the week, details at >> and did you taste? >> i licked the top. we want you to cook with us. >> chef kelsey nixon will be here to cook with us next week. >> help us choose what recipe to make. she'll make hot artichoke dip, fried pickles or a ratatouille tart. >> you would put it all together in one thing. >> that would be awesome. >> and add peanut butter to it. >> go to and vote for the recipe you want to see made. >> the voting ends later today. coming up, how to get yourself to where you want to get in life. >> and from the highly anticipated film "divergent," actor theo james is here. he'll be with us right after this. on my journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas
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if you don't know him already, won't forget him after this. theo james stars in the highly anticipated film "divergent" based on the best-selling novel. >> he played four, a leader in his community, assigned to train the new inmates including tryst played by shailene woodley. >> take a look. >> you all right? >> you cut me. >> i meant to. >> you meant to? >> you think he was going to let you off with a scratch? would still be standing there if i hadn't hit you. >> am i supposed to thank you? >> you're supposed to be smart. if i wanted to hurt you, i would have. >> oh. we like. >> he's like the guy on the unilever survey. how are you? >> how are you doing? >> welcome. >> it is a little surreal to meet you in person because we do remember you as the guy that was -- ended up with lady mary, dead. >> very briefly, yes, back in
2:23 am
the day. >> that was a short ark obviously. >> five minutes. >> but memorable. which is important. >> do people recognize you from that moment? >> no. >> they don't? >> i was wearing a wig. >> yeah, you were the turkish -- >> yeah, long flowing locks. >> yeah. >> a mystery man. >> yeah. and i had a wig on my chest as well. and my back. and my butt cheeks, but -- >> all right. so do you -- when this film "divergent" they say it will change the lives of the actors in it because it is one of these things that makes instant stars. are you prepared for what's to come? >> i think to be honest i'm a bit of a realist. i kind of -- until it happens, then i don't think about it too much. some thing's not something until it is something. >> that's probably rise. it is and iffy business.
2:24 am
you've been in a long time, i read a little bit about it. you're very well trained actor. and -- >> yeah. >> and this not your first rodeo. not the first time around the block. >> i'm also 52, so -- >> darn good. >> you sure do. >> yes, you do. >> so i guess you have a little wisdom that belies your age. >> yeah, i think so. i'm youngest of five kids, i think i was always trying to be oldest, so i would say i'm -- i'm the oldest soul -- >> what does your family think of the path you've taken? >> they think it is great. they find it hilarious. my older brothers are constantly ripping me about it. constantly. but they're good. they came for the weekend, which is really great. some of them, not all of them. >> are you the only one of the family that went into the arts? >> yeah. they all do very different things, which is good as well, because, you know, it is something, kind of keeps you as real as can be. >> it is important. >> yeah. it is. >> tell us about your character in the film. >> he plays a kind of dutch 16th
2:25 am
century -- no, i'm kidding. >> you did a lot of your own stunts. >> we did. >> not that one. >> basically dauntless leader and shailene's character falls in love with him, and society starts to implode and it is a big war. >> the first of three. >> yeah. >> you probably can't give anything away, but does four hang around for number five and six? does four make it to the end. >> him and shay, they become a unit. >> wish you good luck. >> thank you. >> you can find "divergent" in a theater near you. >> we have the season's best bags. >> don't talk about it anymore. >> for every occasion. [ male announcer ] they say mr. clean was born to help people clean better, and that he travels the world inventing amazing new cleaners, like his newest invention, liquid muscle,
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you know what time it is? >> what time is it? >> time to wish our amazing joanne lamarca, who shall remain nameless, a happy, happy birthday. get over here. >> come here. >> this is your life, joanne. >> come here, jo jo. >> you're supposed to be reading -- >> we have a little surprise segment. joanne is our senior producer on our show who we love deeply. she's celebrating her forever 31 birthday again. we're so thrilled. >> we are. we are thrilled. i think we have someone joining us. >> come on. >> bring the baby in. >> we have special dispensation. we'll light it since we have special dispensation to light the candles. >> that's all i am. >> joanne, we want to wish you
2:30 am
the happiest of birthdays. >> yes, we do. >> joanne is, like, this is a segment. >> i thought bobbie was going to come on. >> here we go. >> you thought this would be bobbie. >> it is not. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> bobbie's buzz. >> while we wait, we'll play a little game of spin the bottle with jo jo. go ahead, spin it. >> this is -- okay. i'm spinning it for you. >> tell me where it's going. this is life. here is the question. you ready? you got to focus. ready? would you rather wear no makeup or not wear high heels. joanne lamarca, what is your answer? >> i'm going to show you. >> what? >> okay. >> no makeup.
2:31 am
>> here it is. here it is. would you rather go without chocolate or coffee for a week? >> i'd rather die. >> make your wish. >> happy birthday. >> what's your wish, baby? come on. come on, you've got -- >> i don't know. it is a really good one. >> yeah, help. >> i love you, jo jo. >> happy birthday. >> we'll be back after this.
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2:33 am
we're back on try day friday with more of "today." >> if you can't seem to get ahead at work or something in general, it may have something to do with your own image. >> here is dr. ish major and mary giuseppe. he says the whole unilever thing, men not like that, right? >> way overblown. >> some people feel like they have been dealt a bad hand.
2:34 am
they always say, i can never -- i never get the right guy, i don't -- >> i have bad luck. >> is it something we are projecting out there, causing our own problems? >> absolutely. absolutely. what you need to do is really need to get in tune with your true self. there is truth in advertising. when you're comfortable with that true self, you can display it to the world and start attracting that great guy, right guy to you. >> a lot of people don't want to know the truth and face it themselves, ish. >> very true. >> absolutely true. we have this equation, we have a personal brand equation. and that is how you look, how you speak, how you act is your personal brand. if all those areas are consistent, you're going to do really well and be successful in business and in life. >> you can change. if you are -- if you are a certain way, we were talking about angelina jolie, she walked around with a vial of blood around her neck, sort of creepy and now she's -- but she has transformed into a -- she's unbelievable. everyone loves her.
2:35 am
so it is possible to turn the beat around, isn't it? >> yeah. >> she's authentic. she's authentic. you start with how you look. i think the real thing there is you have to show up and dress for who you are, plus 10%. 10% is that little extra added personal touch you give and in a job, a career you want to be dressing just for the position above you. >> what if you say, your authentic self is sort of bohemian. can you make that work for you too? >> you can. if it is real, you can make it work for you. the whole thing, you want to do the self-checks. always say, listen, is what i'm doing, what i'm saying, what i'm wearing right now, is this really, a, making me less stressed, or, b, causing me to have more happiness? that's how you know you're in tune with your true self. >> other than how you dress -- >> how you speak. how you talk to people. i say stop texting and start talking. >> so great. >> because really a lot of what we do is the delivery. text, you think you're doing
2:36 am
okay. no tone. and all of a sudden, you're upset, people are upset with what you're texting, but i didn't mean that. there was nothing else there to help create -- >> some people, they're understated or always apologizing. >> women, right? >> yeah. how does someone get out of that fold. >> sometimes you have to step outside that box. here is the good thing about it, is it scary? sure is. but guess what, either way, no pain, no gain. you're always going to learn something about yourself. you do it and it works for you -- >> exactly. step out and try it. >> i don't think a lot of people realize what they sound like. >> they don't. >> maybe record yourself and play it back and say, i didn't -- my voice was so high pitched or -- >> sharp. sometimes people are sharp. they don't mean to be. but that's so much that we can't listen to them. >> what is the third one? >> the third one is how we act. i always say be the party, and the crowd will come to you. >> that's hoda. >> there we go. >> absolutely. >> people want to be her. >> right, right. if you're comfortable with who
2:37 am
you are and you put it out there, people that love that are going to come to you. and the rest don't matter really anyway. >> debbie or doug downer. always negative, nobody wants to be around them. >> thanks so much, we appreciate it. >> our real moms weigh in on the best movie for your family. >> and you don't have to bag -- >> we have the season's best bags right after this. o unwind. but we can only afford one trip this year, and his high school reunion is coming up in seattle. everyone's going. then we heard about hotwire... and realized we could actually afford to take both trips. [woman] see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so we got our 4-star hotels for half price. i should have been voted "most likely to travel." ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day.
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"today's" style is brought to you by garnier. >> it is time for "today's" style. with spring in the air, time to lighten up your wardrobe and
2:41 am
brighten up your bag collection. >> editor at large for "shape" magazine put together a collection of the perfect purses for every occasion. nice to see you again. so glad to see you, you let yourself go. >> so let's talk bags. >> yes. >> and not us. >> well, everyone needs a great everyday bag and the key with this is you want to find something fashionable and also practical so you can run your errands and everything. >> and affordable. >> definitely affordable. this is from zara, a great bag, i love the feminine silhouette. it looks expensive. only 80 bucks. i love that. >> fantastic. >> that's great. >> these are actually from h&m, they feel so great, the texture is wonderful. $40 each. you can wear this as a shoulder bag. budget friendly, one in each color if you want. >> i love the tote. this is all about me. >> it has got to have room for a bowling ball.
2:42 am
>> absolutely. i think this is great for working women because no one wants to carry two bags to watch. these are ivanka trump totes. your laptop in there, your shoes, papers. only $125. >> great. >> if you want something more edgy, these are from forever 21. i love the zipper detailing. 30 bucks, you get these in three different colors. >> that's amazing. >> it feels really good too. >> useful inside lining and everything. great. >> exactly. >> it is a bag. sorry. >> okay. >> moving on to best bags for the gym, shape magazine, the editors and i always go to the gym, obviously. >> stop showing off. >> you're modest too. >> but for a good gym bag, there is a secret pocket here, you can throw in -- no, you put your hot tools in there, like your flat iron and your -- >> you're protected. >> you don't have to wait for it to get cool. that's the most important thing. >> you're on the go. >> this is from under armour. >> i love their workout clothes.
2:43 am
>> this is your typical very easy 30 bucks, it will fit everything you want, water bottle and all this other stuff. >> this is our splurge section. i love this bag from coach. you can use it for weekend, travel, going out. >> that looks like you. >> you can do it as a cross body. >> yeah, yeah. >> fold it over. >> stop it. totally cute. under 200 bucks. >> that mint is so pretty. >> this is another splurge, $248 from vince camuto. this is the silhouette of the moment. >> it is. >> that sort of -- like a v. >> it is like a -- the side wings and this thing. this is only $248 from vince camuto. i love how fashionable this looks. >> he's the one with the great shoes too. >> great shoes as well. this is best backpacks for kids and adults. this is cool, the back tea pack, a physical therapist created this. >> this is ingenious. all the weight on the -- >> it redistributes it. you're promoting good posture and it helps you relieve back pain.
2:44 am
i think some of the camera guys might like this. >> yeah. i wish they would let kids bring these to school. >> they will. >> huge humps on the back. >> small sizes too. this is another great backpack from air bac. there is a lever here. when you buy this, they pump air into this. >> what? >> they pump air into this. when you load it, it is 50% lighter than it would feel. so it is again wonderful for back pain or anybody that has very, very heavy books to carry. >> these are lunch baggies from lunch skins. paper is wasteful and bags are bad for the environment, put your snacks and sandwiches in there, rewash these. >> and you wash them afterwards? >> dish washer. >> velcro. >> use them again. >> you don't need ziploc anymore, but you like ziploc. >> i can't see through these. i don't know what's in them. >> better for the environment. >> finally, everyone needs a lunch box. what is great about this one is you can -- it keeps the food cold for six hours without you putting an ice pack in there or
2:45 am
any sort of ice. >> fantastic. >> bahar takhtehchian, thank you. >> what's the best film to see, the new movies. >> our real moms give us the real review coming up after this.
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we're back and getting real with our reel moms who are here with their previews of the latest family films. >> mother of three, tara mcnamara is a fandango film mom, part of the nbc universal family. >> suzanne ross has two children and is a lifestyle editor at "family circle" magazine. >> and liz stern, founder of, three kids. >> the muppet movie, by the way, we already -- look at kath's face, we had miss piggy on. and there was a throwdown. we already know what kath thinks of the movie.
2:50 am
what do you think? >> i hear the movie is adorable. >> the most wanted movie family film in theaters this weekend. and big reason why is the story line of an evil kermit look-alike who takes over his life and sends kermit to prison while he goes and runs the -- >> like a prince and the pauper thing but the other way around. >> yeah, yeah. >> how does it compare to the other muppet movies? >> they liked it more. more fun. tina fey is in it. all these wonderful cameos, usher, lady gaga. that's amusing for -- across the board. >> all the kids except for the baby -- >> my 6-year-old turned to me and said, mom, this is the best one yet. >> really? >> but he also likes -- everything involved with it, the puppets, the muppets, came to life, it was great. took us on a european tour throughout europe and it was -- the music and the cameos, ricky gervais, great. >> three greats.
2:51 am
>> it is a musical and the music, the tunes are catchy. you lean in when you hear that. >> all right, the next movie is "mr. peabody and sherman." a lot of people have been waiting for this one. >> it has been in the movies now for a couple of weeks. >> it is still a hot ticket seller on fandango. like number three. and it is from the little cartoon. you don't have to have known that to appreciate this. it is sherman, the most brilliant creature the world has ever known and his adopted human son sherman. >> i love the relationship between the two of them. >> it is about time travel. for me, it is about kind of, you know, experiencing history in a fun way, which can get kids to get engaged with history, that's a winner. >> they're learning something too. >> yes. >> they are. they really do get a little broad scope, they go see leonardo da vinci and george washington.
2:52 am
gets kids curious. it is a nice family story because families can look like anything. my dog can adopt a boy. >> i love the theme of adoption between the two of them, that a dog can adopt a little boy, but a little boy can adopt a dog. it was just a really sweet movie -- >> anything goes today. >> the last one is called "the birder's guide to everything". >> a little more mature. >> for tweens, i guess. >> tell me about that. >> the coming of age story available on demand today. it is kind of wants to be "stand by me," a teen grieving the loss of his mother, who takes his friends on a journey to find a rare bird. and so it is really about dealing with emotions. a lot of cursing in it, though. >> there is? >> there is a character who is, like, 16, and has raging hormones. for me, that character made it -- i didn't -- >> it didn't bother me. i thought was a tender coming of age story and hit on the loss and this child's father is remarrying and the emotions that
2:53 am
go through that, are they addressing them. >> a very real scenario. >> 15 and up. >> i'm a little more conservative than you. >> i say 12 and up. >> i didn't watch with my 10-year-old. i thought it was to -- to watch the beginning, i thought it was too old for him, i would say anywhere from 14 and above. but i think -- i told my nephews they should go watch it. i think it is a film -- >> sad commentary on our culture. >> they said the characters were authentic. >> thank you so much. so real. >> you watched the family movies and texting your kids and you're ready for adult time. >> we have cocktails. >> so rare for us. these don't look clean. [ doorbell rings ] the johnsons! stall them.
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though it may not feel like it in all parts of the country, spring is officially here. time to switch out the cold weather cocktails for something more refreshing.
2:57 am
>> l.a. tourism bureau teamed up to bring us dan vickrey, one of the hottest mixologists on the whole west coast. >> we're lucky. >> yeah. >> i'm lucky. >> thank you for being here bringing us a little spring cocktail. what you got? >> we're starting with the drink inspired by spring in l.a. the sun is coming out. we're happy, we're excited. >> you have the sun out all winter long. >> we had two days of rain. we're always celebrating. this is a champagne sangria, we're starting with some gin, we have got some litchi and elder flower liqueur and cognac and top it off with champagne. >> okay. >> get some fresh berries in there. >> okay. >> all right. >> okay. and what do you call this? >> this is spring sangria. >> okay. >> great one if you're having brunch, you can have everything -- >> it is beautiful. visually very pretty. >> wow. has a kick. that gin really --
2:58 am
>> elder berry thing. >> you can sweeten it up if you would like. >> this one? >> this one is our bold rose. this is inspired by new york, rose is your state flower. >> it is? >> we didn't know. >> we'll have you two making one. we have your vodka and we're adding rose water. >> in here? >> yes. in here. >> rose water. >> we're adding some orange and vanilla liqueur. some lemon juice and white cranberry juice. >> white cranberry juice, okay. >> shake it up? >> shake it up, sister. >> this is the best part. >> i didn't wear the right bra for this. >> okay. >> i like the air guitar shake. little booty shake. all right, we'll pour it on. >> okay. >> and top it off with an edible flower. >> which ones are edible? >> they're all edible. >> cheers.
2:59 am
>> cheers, dan vickrey, that's your real name. nice. >> what's the last one? >> the last drink is -- you're both from washington, d.c., we always think of congressmen having a dark drink, the end of a five-hour shift. we already mixed together whiskey. we have an orange flavored cognac and we're going to add some bitters. a spoonful of syrup from brandy cherries. >> do you go to college to become a mixologist. >> i became a mixologist because i went to college. >> okay. >> some orange and cherry and -- >> wow. >> we have our brand-new old-fashioned -- >> a brand-new old-fashioned. >> thank you so much. >> cheers. >> happy spring. >> thank you very much. next week, mary lou hen, boy george, joe manzanella. >> bill parsons, performance by jared neimen.
3:00 am
>> oh, my god. >> have an awesome weekend, everybody. >> happy spring. >> thank you. >> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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